Weekly Tuition

​Infant Care
(6 weeks to 18 months)
Full-time rate*                                      $280
Daily rate**                                           $57

Toddler Care
(18 months until toilet-trained)
Full-time rate*                                      $255
Daily rate**                                           $52

Preschool Care
(Toilet-trained through 4 years)
Full-time rate*                                      $225
Daily rate**                                           $46

Kindergarten Latchkey
Before AND after school care*                $170
Daily rate before AND after school care** $36

Before OR after school care*                  $160
Daily rate before OR after school care**   $33

(1st grade through 12 years)
Before AND after school care Full-time*  $135
Daily rate before AND after school care** $28

Full-time Before OR after school care*    $125
Daily rate Before OR after school care**   $26

School Age Summer Program
(Kindergarten through 12 years)
Full-time rate*                                      $225
Daily rate**                                           $46

School-Age Summer Program Fees
Enrollment Fee                                   $25

Supply fee (summer students)                 $15
Field trips are an additional fee


Application fee (one per family)               $35
Enrollment fee (one-time per child)          $50
Annual supply fee (per child)                   $50
Monthly Latchkey Transportation              $25
(if applicable)

Available Discounts:

20% off each additional child enrolled

20% RLC Regular Attender Discount

(All Discounts Do Not apply to drop in students)​

* 4 or 5 days a week

** 2 or 3 set days a week

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