Radiant Kids Childcare embraces the impressionable first years in a child's life by fostering each child's uniqueness.
With activities developed specifically for each age group, your child will be learning, having fun, and growing spiritually!​

Infants need a lot of love and attention to build emotional security in their new world, which is why teacher:child ratio is so important! Our ratio of 1:4 allows us to provide a variety of experiences through music, speech, movement and indoor/outdoor play.

Toddlers (1:7) see the world as an exciting place of exploration and discovery. Role playing, story telling, singing, dancing, and sensory motor play are just a few ways we give these active little people a chance to explore and discover.

Pre-schoolers (1:12) are busy mastering their fine motor skills, learning to express their independence and developing social interaction. We have carefully chosen a curriculum that will provide an educational foundation to build on.

Latchkey (1:18) provides before and after school care in a supervised environment full of great activities for elementary age children. Whether they are doing homework or at play, we meet children where their energy level and interests intersect.

Summer Program(1:18) Our Summer Program is full of fun and adventure with field trips to the Zoo, Cosi, Museums, bi-weekly trips to the pool, park and much more!